We are guided by a simple operating principle: authenticity works.

Our clients have strong personalities and strong character. We work for ‘the adults in the room.’

The ads we design, write and produce are grounded in realism not showmanship. We address substance, not just surface. We graft human emotion to strategic data.

We consistently win primaries. We consistently win in blue states.

  • “…a national reputation for winning…”
    The New York Times
  • “…the best in the nation…”
    ABC News
  • “…the most effective…”

Company founder Chris Mottola personally wrote and directed commercials during the last ten election cycles that won national awards for best internet spot, best presidential advertising, best foreign language spot, best congressional commercial and best ballot initiative ad.

Mottola has lectured before Oxford University (Nuffield College), the World Affairs Council, teaches at UCLA, is a political contributor to public radio, has been published in American Football Quarterly and plays ice hockey at a competitive level.