Bullshit Artists

> Posted by Chris Mottola on 30 March

“Finally, we have a campaign device which gives the candidate almost unlimited opportunity to direct the message to precisely that segment of the electorate he believes is important to his success.” *

This quote sounds like it could be a sales pitch from any number of the new data or digital advertising firms. Imagine being able to tightly target voters without waste. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

The quote is from 1972 and refers to consultants being able to design specific messaging for the hand held devices ingrained in our daily lives… the telephone and letters. The computer targeting wasn’t a panacea and didn’t change the world. It was just another campaign tool. Just like digital and data now is. All of it’s good. There’s no magic in any of it.

* “Campaign Consultants: pushing sincerity in 1974,” Congressional Quarterly 32. 5/4/74.

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